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Transfer to another hospital after admission to Erasmus MC

Transfer to another hospital after admission to Erasmus MC

Coronavirus measure to ensure medical care remains available to everyone

Transfer to another hospital after admission to Erasmus MC

Coronavirus measure to ensure medical care remains available to everyone

You have been or will soon be admitted to Erasmus MC. Our university hospital provides safe, high-quality healthcare, often of a complex or acute nature, or healthcare for patients with a rare disease. Patients from all over the country come to see our specialists. Even during the current pandemic, we continue do everything we can to ensure that our specialist care remains accessible to all who need it. This could mean that you may need to recuperate elsewhere after your treatment so that we can admit new patients. Please read below to understand how this works.

Recuperating from surgery

You may not be able to go straight home after your hospital treatment or surgery. You may need a little longer to recover or you may first require rehabilitation. That is normal and understandable. You will remain with us for as long as necessary. However, as soon as you no longer need the care provided by a university hospital, your follow-up care can also be provided by medical experts elsewhere. This is why we may transfer you to another hospital or care center after your surgery. You can then continue your recovery there and we can admit a new patient.

Hospital bed capacity

It is very busy at Erasmus MC due to the coronavirus pandemic, and nearly all our beds are occupied. We would like to be able to continue to provide care to all our patients, some of whom have been waiting a long time for treatment. Regular healthcare is also important to us, which is why we have opted for a rapid flow of patients through our hospital. We are fully aware that a transfer may not be pleasant or easy for you. However, this is the only way in which we can continue to provide medical care to as many people as possible. Transferring patients frees up beds for others who also desperately need our care. If we were not to do this, we could find ourselves restricted to providing only emergency care, simply because we do not have enough beds. And this is something we most definitely do not want. It is in everyone’s interest that we have enough room to admit new patients.

Possible transfers

If you cannot go straight home after your admission to Erasmus MC, you will have several options:

Nearby or further away

When you are discharged from Erasmus MC, we would normally take your wishes or those of your family and/or next of kin into account. However, in these trying times, with all healthcare facilities at full capacity, this is not always possible. We are not happy with this situation, but options are currently limited. Please know that you will be welcome at the facility where appropriate care is available for you. This will usually be in the vicinity of Rotterdam. It is possible that the facility may not be your first choice, the location may not be ideal for you, or the visiting hours may not be very convenient. We fully understand this, but this is not reason enough for us to keep you at Erasmus MC, simply because of the need to ensure the rapid flow of patients.

In conclusion

We apologize for any inconvenience these temporary measures may cause you or your visitors. We are fully aware of how distressing this may be. Things may go differently for you and a transfer may not even be necessary. Still, should you need to be transferred, we would like you to be prepared. That is why we are providing you with this information and explaining why a transfer may be necessary. We do not want it to come as something unexpected for you. Thank you for your cooperation and we wish you a pleasant stay at Erasmus MC.

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